"This chorus is so wonderful, talented, hard working and very entertaining.
I highly recommend them for any concert or performance."

Andrew Grieve, October 2019

"Wonderful harmonising and excellent entertainment."

Colin Mckillop, September 2019 

"Thank you all for being awesome people with amazing voices
for helping our 15 bereaved families and to make our memorial service so special"

Judith Wakelin, Heart Kids Canterbury, 2018 

“You danced your way into everyone's heart.
Your Most Entertaining Award reflected your connection with the audience”

Paula Davies, International President, Tulsa Oklahoma 2016

“This is a wonderful performance; you display such expertise in your vocal skills!”

Ruth Ann Parker, Sound Judge, Hawaii 2013

“Yes, that opening was one that captured attention. Beautiful phrasing.
You are telling an impressive, moving story. Now keep it flowing so the audience is totally involved in this musical drama”

Sharon Babb, Music Judge, Hawaii 2013