In addition to chorus participation, chorus members voluntarily form quartets to pursue another avenue of their hobby of singing barbershop harmony. Participation in a quartet provides unique opportunities for four singers who share similar interests with respect to their goals and development as a musical, performing unit.

Quartetting is a great way to improve your vocal development, not to mention your self-confidence, and did you know you can even get paid?! 

Currently the Chorus has an auditioned quartets available for performances. 

Alfresco quartet got together mid-2017 and are enjoying putting together a very varied repertoire. They have all been members of other quartets in the past. Alfresco members are all gainfully employed, so are only available for evening and weekend performances. 
To hire Alfresco, please contact Ruth on 022 090 3273 or Mary on 027 448 1495

Ruth Carson - Tenor
Edna Byron - Lead
Vivien Daley - Baritone 
Mary Black - Bass