CCC Quartets Shine at SANZ Dunedin Convention

Our chorus has many quartets, some are comprised of all CCC members and others have at least one or more CCC members.  This year seven quartets containing CCC members competed.

Fire and Ice quartet won the quartet competition with a score of 637 points.  This qualifies them to compete in Kansas City in October. 
Jane Martin (Tenor chapter-at-large)
Henrietta Hunkin-Tagaloa (Bass chapter-at-large)
Cat Hay (Lead)
Jane Esera (Baritone chapter-at-large



Euphoria! quartet won 4th place with a score of 570
Nicky McCaughan (Tenor)
Hazel Hay (Bass)
Emma Hoadley (Lead)
Raewyn Tidey (Baritone)




Focus quartet were placed 7th
Jacqui Matheson (Baritone)
Ellie Sutton (Lead)
Virginia Humphrey-Taylor (Bass)
Robyn Abernethy (Tenor Dunedin Harmony)




Not Too Shabby were placed 9th and also won the Novice Cup
Kim Miller (Tenor)
Helen Ashmead (Lead)
Penny Minnoch (Bass)
Adeline Teo (Baritone)



Quattro quartet were placed 10th
Jessica Silcock (Tenor)
Sandra Lawrence (Bass, chapter-at-large)
Amelia Davis (Lead)
Viv Daley (Baritone, chapter-at-large)



Intersection quartet were placed 12th and are comprised of singers from Dunedin Harmony
Jill Rubython (Baritone, CCC)
Marian Weaver (Lead, CCC)
Lisa Johnson (Bass)
Clare Pascoe (Tenor, CCC)



Chordiality were this year's mic testers
Heather Bentall (Baritone)
Geejse van der Linde (Bass)
Sarah Stanley (Lead)
Rachel Pirie (Tenor)