Thank you for your interest in Christchurch City Chorus. Our dedicated leadership can be contacted below.

Rebecca Gourlay, Members Coordinator
Tel: 027 355 5352
Email: [email protected]

Virginia-Humphrey-Taylor, Director
Tel: 021 107 7116
Email: [email protected]

Jeannette McGrath, Team Coordinator
Tel: 021 976 572
Email:  [email protected]

Christine Donaldson, Performance Coordinator
Tel: 027 646 8785
Email: [email protected]

Rini Hidajat, Publicity Coordinator
Tel: 021 145 5080
Email: [email protected]

Susanna La Rue, Website Administrator 
Tel: 021 191 1757
Email: [email protected]


Christchurch City Chorus Management Team
We are trying hard to chase perfection

Christchurch City Chorus Management Team 2018-2019
L to R: Deborah McLean (Finance Coordinator), Toni Stephens (Prospective Members Coordinator), Rini Hidajat (Marketing Coordinator), Rebecca Gourlay (Membership Coordinator), Virginia Humphrey-Taylor (Musical Director), Christine Knight (Fundraising Coordinator), Susan Noseworthy (Events Coordinator). Jeannette McGrath (Team Coordinator - absent in the photo)


Christchurch City Chorus Management Team 2017-2018
L to R front row: Susan Noseworthy (Events Coordinator), Virginia Humphrey-Taylor (Musical Director), Jean Dobbs (Communicationso Coordinator), Rini Hidajat (Marketing & Promotions Coordinator). Back row: Angela Blank (Membership Coordinator), Miriam Spragg (Team Coordinator), Raewyn Tidey (Finance Coordinator). Joanne Roskilley (Fundraising Coordinator - absent in the photo.